Business Travel is Better With Great Road Food |

When you spend your work days traveling the nation’s highways, finding a good meal is almost as good as getting a great hotel deal that saves you cash on your business lodging.

Whether your workforce travel keeps you in the cab of a truck, on your way to the next sales call or heading to another meeting, undiscovered road food treasures can make your day.

What Is Road Food?
Road food typically is defined as restaurant food served at a spot that is locally owned (often run by family members), features food made to order and served fresh (often with a grill as prominent fixture), and provides good value for the money. Whether you call it a mom-and-pop shop, a local institution or simply “good eatin’,” road food restaurants often are seen as gustatory landmarks in towns large and small.

Finding Hidden Food Gems
Some are always on the lookout for homemade fruit pies or the seldom seen pineapple upside down cake. Others want to taste an area’s best fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, or sweet corn just picked earlier in the day.

Thanks to the Internet, there are many portals to the restaurants that are dishing out great home-cooked dishes to hungry travelers. You will find bargains, curiosities and some that are sure to rate a stop every time you’re in town.

Web sites To Start Your Search:
1. Road Food – Jane Stern and Michael Stern have been sharing their amazing road food finds for years in magazines and on radio and TV. Now there’s a whole team on their Web site dedicated to “the most memorable local eateries along the highways and back roads of America,” you can feel pretty confident that the site will direct you to just what you’re hungry for. The Web site provides a state-by-state guide to great road food, along with user reviews, maps and directions so you can find a spot close to your business lodging. Check out the recipes they’ve picked up on their travels, too!

2. Diners, Drive-ins & Dives – The Food Network’s personable Guy with the spiky blond hair is Guy Fieri, and his sporty red convertible takes him to the nation’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” across the U.S. Guy knows good eating – and what he doesn’t find on his own, he’s led to by TV viewers who urge him to check out local favorites. From new takes on old favorites to traditional comfort foods, this site lists the restaurants featured by episode, complete with addresses and Web sites.

Food & Lodging Bargains
Once you’ve found one great road food spot, likely you’ll start looking for another. Other good sources are travel guidebooks and city magazine listings.

Cutting Business Expenses – How to Save on Business Travel |

Business travel is an essential part of any business but for many people it is an extremely stressful event. There are a couple of reasons for this but there are also things that you can do to reduce your stress levels. The purpose of this article is to help business travellers reduce stress and enjoy themselves whilst travelling. This makes life easier but also makes it more likely that they will be successful in their business meetings.

Here are the tips that you should follow:

Travel light- Most people carry too much stuff with them when they travel- too many clothes, too many toiletries, books, papers and other things they don’t use. Take less clothes, use a laundromat and buy toiletries when you get there. Also make sure you follow the tips below instead of packing books.

Purchase the right gadgets- I like reading on long haul flights but I don’t like carrying lots of books. They are heavy. Make sure you buy yourself a tablet device or a Kindle instead. You can pack these full of eBooks and PDF’s. you can also put on Word Documents and Powerpoint presentations.

Prepare properly for meetings- Use plane flights and other long transport opportunities to go over your meeting notes and further prepare for meetings. A lack of preparation for meetings, especially when you have travelled a long way for these meetings, and when you see that the meeting is not as successful as it should be is what causes the major drama for most people. Use this time to go over notes, edit Powerpoint slides and generally prepare answers for any questions you feel you might need to answer.

Buy a global SIM card- Roaming fees are a killer for many people and can cause huge business cash flow problems. If you buy a global SIM card you should be able to avoid this problem. Buying a global SIM card means you will only pay a fraction of the cost for outgoing calls (when compared with using your home phone) and you will not pay to receive calls in many countries.

Do something touristy whilst you are there- Another great stress reducing tool during business travel is to make sure that you do something touristy when you get to your destination. Do yourself a favour and take time to visit a museum or other tourist attraction.

Business travel doesn’t need to be stressful and if you follow the tips I have mentioned in this article you should be able to make your own life easier.